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“The art of a good apology is essential for sustaining and strengthening love relationships. How to Apologize to Your Woman… is an exceptional, gender-sensitive guide for couples who want to bounce back in love after mistakes are made.”

    ~ John Gray, Ph.D.
       Renowned relationship expert in gender-specific communications
       Author of Men Are from Mars, Women Are from Venus and the entire Mars/Venus book series

"Five Stars! The title doesn't really encompass the wealth of interpersonal relationship building this book so intelligently offers. I have a considerable background in communications and I was intrigued every chapter. The author's savvy knowledge of what makes relationships work is evident through her sincere, intelligent, interesting approach to men and women and commitment. Both men and women will learn from this book: women...please read it as well as give it to your man. You will find examples, dialogues, and how to's and how not-to's in every chapter. I especially liked the abundance of examples that prove every point and the final chapters of sample apologies. Nicely done...intelligently written...a more-than-good read!"

     ~ Cyndi Maxey, MA, CSP 
        Communication skills coach and professional public speaker
        Maxey Creative Inc., Communication that Drives Profitable Performance
        Co-author of 5 books including: Present Like A Pro: The Field Guide to Business, Professional and Public Speaking

"I believe what Ms. Bolek has written stands out and ranks in the top category among the many, many, many books I have read regarding relationships between men and women. How to Apologize to Your Woman... provides deep insights into the nature of what women want and ways in which men can fulfill their own most noble desires and in the process, develop the rich, textured, and loving relationship with the women they love. This book is about the possibility of a new vision for character development and leadership, and its application for fulfilling relationships between men and women. I really wish the subtitle would have read something along the following lines: 'A program for grace, healing, and miracles' (or something like that...I think it would more accurately reflect what the author has achieved in her writing). I am especially enrolled in the idea of an heroic apology. This approach provides a foundation for healing, and where self-will may fail, an heroic apology opens the door to grace, and perhaps miracles. I will be strongly recommending this book to my clients. This book really hits the mark."

   ~ Jonathan Siegel, Ed.D.
      Practicing psychologist at Markham Psychologists, Markham, Ontario, Canada (www.markhampsychologists.ca)
      Author of several scholarly articles in the field of disability psychology, and a Distinguished Toastmaster

"Bolek does a great job of unpacking the fine art of apologizing in a sequential, logical manner. With relevant examples and insightful strategies, she provides a road map for navigating sensitive situations with diplomacy. I found her focus triangle - ensuring that your own emotional perspective is healthy before attempting to address another's emotional perspective - to be quite insightful. While it can provide a man with a new perspective on the woman's mind, I think this book is also applicable to relationships other than romantic ones."

   ~ Jennifer Murtoff
       Communication skills expert and author of Blog: Home to Roost Urban Chicken Consulting
      Jennifer's Profile on LinkedIn