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                                               . . . so that she won't use it against you in the future

The "Men's Apology Survey" was conducted online from September 2010 to January 2011, ending with a total of 85 male and 85 female participants. All participation was anonymous. The findings of this survey support the main assertions of the book, How to Apologize to Your Woman . . .  and provide new information about what women say they want most in an apology from their man.

Want to see the survey results?

Just click on the "VIEW THE SURVEY" link below to scroll through each question and summary of the responses. Items #1 and 2 are directed to both men and women. Items #3 - 21 are questions directed to men. Then another set of items #3 - 21 contains questions directed to women.

The final survey question (#22) was an open-ended question directed to both men and women, asking about their experiences with apologizing in their relationship. Click on "VIEW THE OPEN-ENDED RESPONSES" link below to see the 49 responses gathered.

VIEW THE SURVEY: Men's Apology Survey Summary

VIEW THE OPEN-ENDED RESPONSES: Open-Ended Survey Responses

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