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Follow this link, scroll down, and select the "Relationship Healing" programs for March 4th (part 1) and April 15 (part 2): http://www.blogtalkradio.com/jeremiahsays


"When I read the title How to Apologize to Your Woman, I instantly signed up to review it. The author has gone to an incredible amount of research to create this thought provoking self-help book that all men can benefit from. Actually, I think that pastors, marriage councilors, and psychiatrists would enjoy reading about the relationship tools that the book provides and may even use them in their sessions. Overall, a great read." 
                                                               ~ ReviewTheBook.com Member Billy Burgess

"Karen Field Bolek's guide to apologizing, in fact, offers a rich well of ideas for general couples' communication, applicable not just in conflict . . . women, single and gay readers are also likely to find valuable nuggets here . . . This is a first-rate blueprint for essential, enduring relationship change."

                                                                          ~ Midwest Book Reviews

"Bolek writes in succinct snapshots . . . [using] . . . charts, assorted fictionalized confrontations, and, best of all, an examination of how the wrong apology can aggravate a situation . . . Any person, male or female, who has trouble knowing whether, when, or how to apologize will find it a useful resource."

                                                                          ~ ForeWord Clarion Reviews

"Karen Bolek . . . approaches this subject by correlating the principles that apply to successful business leadership with the principles that make a successful family leader. In this way, Bolek brings a unique perspective to the perennial issues that arise between men and women, employers and employees . . . [This book] clearly showcases her talent for identifying problems and providing practical solutions. We look forward to future works."
                                                                         ~ The US Review of Books

"Apologizing isn't an easy task for most people, so author Karen Field Bolek goes into detail . . . Many men see it as a sign of weakness, and for some women they could as well; however, when done in the right context, it is very beneficial for both parties involved. . . This is a very insightful book for any couple who desires to make their relationship deeper, stronger and more fruitful as they move forward together."

                                                                        ~ ReviewTheBook.com Member Darin Godby

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